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Re: New Years in Florida

The big cold front  (high 30s lows...) should be moved through before
you get here. It'll be nice - expect low 70s during the day and high 40s
at night...

Ron Wainwright wrote:

>    Hello Q-listers
> My question mainly is for the list members in Florida,
> me and my girlfriend will be leavin Monday night
> headin to Big Cypress Indian reservation for the Phish
> show on N.Y.E(Band from Vermont) and it's in between
> F.T Lauderdale and Miami now people have said that
> there's nothing but alligators and locals, now I know
> to stay away from the gators but how are the locals?
> The only reason I ask is because me and my buddy just
> got back from Philly, D.C, Raleigh,& Virginia(for
> Phish as well) and no problems except for Philly, now
> don't get me wrong Philly is a nice place but me and
> my buddy got lost on this road and ended up in the
> ghetto a street called (Germantown PK) or something
> really wasn't paying to much attention to anything but
> gettin out of there, any listers from Philly know the
> road I'm talking about? It's what seems like 5 or so
> odd miles long, anyway I just wanted to be safe don't
> want to get under anybody's skin so far away from home
> and that would be Southern Mass
> And hows the weather? lots of rain? sunny? I've been
> watching the weather channel and all but I'd like to
> hear it from the horses mouth so to speak.
> Thank's in advance and everybody have a safe and
> joyous holiday.
> Ron
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