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Holiday Greetings...

In my 4 years on here (not counting the V8 list, of course), I've gained
a wealth of friends. This is just icing on the cake, so to speak - as I
literally would have been unable to afford an Audi without the help of
this list.
To all the oldsters who've been here forever, some gone, some back -
thanks ever so much. To all the new listers, you're welcome here. Stick
around - the list gets more exciting every year, as do the Audis we buy
(or can't afford and drool over).
I hope all of you have a great holiday season.

Dave Head
Oviedo, FL
79 5KCS - in Audi heaven
87 5KCStq - a better life in Utah snow
89 200q (Casper)
90 V8q (the hanger queen)