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RE: A4 Warranty -- Brake pads?

When I still had warranty, I took my car in just to have the front brake
pads replaced.  When I got the car back, I had new front pads, new rear pads
and a new set of front and rear rotors.
Kevin D. Caldwell
1996 A4q 5sp
Big Reds
Drilled discs front/rear
Koni coilovers
Kinesis K20's
K&N cone

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Subject:	A4 Warranty -- Brake pads?

I took my 1997 A4 to the dealership for the 45k mile service on wednesday
morning. I get a phone call around noon telling me that the car is done,
and that they noticed my brake pads were getting worn, and had ordered me
new brake pads while it was still under warranty.

I was not going to complain -- but has anyone else received new brake pads
within their warranty period?  Or was my dealerships' manager being nice
to me because a couple visits ago I chewed him out for not doing work I
asked for.  And when I asked about the alignment that I asked for he
proceeded to tell me that my analysis for *why* I needed an alignment was
not right, trying to cover up his mistake.


merry christmas,


1997 A4tm 45k