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Save me! Audi vs Sub

  If you drove the Sub and liked it? Actually the newer ones are better, but
the older 4wd (not Awd) wagons drove terrible in my opinion and made my 84
4kq seem like a rocket.  Sub's do seem to be less expensive to maintain,
however (as mentioned) their failures are major and they do eat axles.  As
with other cars from that country they last pretty well, but they get to a
point where they are just worn out, not like German cars that may need more
in maintance.  With a fair amount of work (bushings etc.) a german car can
be a solid car past 200k miles and while a Japan car may make it there it
will without a doubt be overdue for the wrecker with few good parts.
   Just my opinion from what I have driven and seen (mostly in the NW)
On the other hand, now that Audi has shipped a significant number of cars to
the US, maybe it is time for them to loose their popularity so the resale
values will drop to very affordable numbers :)
  Dave G

> With all the problems associated with keeping my Audi alive, the love
> has worn off, folks.  I recently drove an older Subaru 4wd wagon and was
> highly impressed, to be frank.  Turbo, adjustable height, 4wd, LOTS of
> reliable as a beetle...can anyone tell me reasons to keep with Audi's?  I
> bike/kayak/move a lot and this seems to be the ideal car...
> Chris