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Re: Gas Problems

Is the trip computer working (or set) properly and the foot still a little too
heavy on the gas?

BRIT4VWS@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 12/25/99 12:55:25 PM Mountain Standard Time,
> Leuck@concentric.net writes:
> <<    Could some please tell me what could effect my gas mileage with my 86
>  4kcsq?  I just filled it up yesterday and now it down to 3/4 tank...  I know
>  it is not my driving style, because I drove with the gauge reading 25-35 mpg
>  gallon every where....
>  Any advice on what might be loose or what needs to be tuned to work right
>  would be very help full...  I am going on a 450 mile trip and I would like
>  to get the best gas mileage as I can...
>  Thanks a bunch!
>  Jeryd >>
> Maybe a Tune-up including O2 sensor spark plugs and retiming might do the car
> a little good.  You could also have a fuel component leaking such as an
> injector or a cold start valve.  You could have a bad thermal time switch or
> maybe even a coolant temperature sensor.  All of these could affect the
> performance of your vehicle to that extent.  I am looking into the same
> problem on my GL5 and my 87 4000 quattro.
> Britton Ingraham
> 87 4000 CS quattro
> 85 Quantum GL5
> 73 Beetle
> LOOKING FOR!  88-87 Volkswagen Quantum GL5 5 speed.  Need not run but must
> have great looking body and interior that means NO RUST!  All colors are good
> but would prefer not to have Tornado Red the other lighter red is Awesome
> though and silver is really good!