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Re: H1/H4 Euros

> > Rather that splice new connectors onto the car's
> > for H1s & H4s, does anyone know where I can find a
> > "pigtail" to jumper betwixt the harness and the new
> > bulbs?
> that would be a poor solution anyway.  You *really
must* bypass the
> stock headlight power wires with relays.
> trigger relays with your 9004 bulb socket signals.
Attach new
> connectors to relay output.  Not melt headlight switch.
Get 13 volts.
I didn't really mean what I said.  I guess what I'm
looking for would be plugs with pigtails to jumper from
the harness to the relays.  The plugs will need the same
pin configuration as the original rectangular lights
have.  Haven't looked, but are highbeams and lowbeams the
same, or different, pin configuration?  And, yes, I will
relay the new lights!

Thanks again,

 - DJ