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Re: A4 Warranty -- Brake pads?t

There are actually two programs - the warranty and the Audi Advantage
program.  Brake linings, clutch lining etc. come under Audi Advantage
which is 3yrs/50k miles.  An extended warranty almost certainly
won't cover them.

Orin, who read the warranty book one sleepless night.

> Had brakes done just before my 60K service. My warranty is good until 75K
> miles yet I paid over 500 big ones for the brakes. I'm in Florida right now,
> I'll have to check the paperwork when I get back home. I'm not happy at this
> moment though!
> ---------------------------------------

> Dee,

> I don't know your particular situation, but AFAIK all maintenance - brakes -
> bulbs - fuses - oil etc are covered by the warrantee. The miles are not the
> only significant factor, however - time is also a factor in the equation ( I
> think 3 years).

> HTH,

> Jeff
> 86 4KCSQ Daily Driver (2 decals)
> 86 4KS      Spare