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Re: Climate Control Head Problems on an '88 5KSQ

More than likely, the problem is the blower motor rather than the
controllers.  Did you hear any squeaks when the blower did work recently?
That's a dead giveaway for a failing motor.   My blower motor became
intermittant last spring after squealing and squeaking for half the winter.
  I think the blower motor is a bit cheaper than the new control head, but
a lot more difficult to change.  

Kneale Brownson

At 06:12 PM 12/26/1999 -0500, Christopher Ritchie wrote:
>The blower fan for the climate control system doesn't work properly when in
>the "ECON" position.  (Or any other position.)  It does not come on to blow
>heat when the engine warms and it will not respond to the "HI" or "LO"
>buttons.  Sometimes, after driving awhile, it will come on and operate
>properly.  That seems to happen when I go over a bump, but that could be my
>imagination.  Whacking the side of the console does not help.
>Checking the channel 10 fault memory display on the A/C control head (per
>Bentley p. 87.117), it gives a fault code greater than 19.  Pushing "HI"
>then does nothing.  Bentley says that this means to "replace A/C control
>head."  I realize that these things are weak spots on these cars.  I
>understand that  these things are also quite expensive.  I cannot get to a
>junkyard to get another.
>1.  Can they be fixed?  Would it make sense to take it apart and look for
>loose connections?
>2.  Can I "cob job" a jumper wire to the blower motor and operate the thing
>3.  Anybody want to sell a used one?  This is the newer '86-'88 one.  Does
>not have the rear window defroster switch on it.