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Subject: S4 Designation

I've had my 88 80q for 4 years now and have put 90,000 miles on it.  I love 
the car, but it's a bit underpowered and getting a bit long-in-the-tooth 
repair wise.  I have an opportunity to purchase a 93 S4q (72k) but don't
anything about the model. Can someone give me a brief description of the 

Rob Greger

I received these two responses when I asked the same question.

Thanks to Geoff Jenkins for:
92's have wood trim, the best suspension (sportiest) but some have the
Alpine 6-disc changer (I'm told)
93's have carbon-fibre trim, a slightly softer suspension, and the Sony
10-disc changer
94's revert to wood, but keep the 93's suspension (more or less) and the
95(S6)'s have the same drivetrain (including manual rear diff lock), but
have the sport steering wheel, Avus road wheels and modified bumpers (and
lights/grille?) of later S6's
95.5 S6's and 96 S6's have the above cosmetic improvements and the EDL
Quattro IV drive system.



Thanks to Steve Mills for:
	These are the differences as far as I've been able to compile- if
has any additions/corrections, let me know. This list is for US spec cars.

92 S4- 
 Exterior: Steel sunroof, black side moldings & bumper trim, amber front
markers, under hood light. 
 Interior: Wood trim, trip computer w/boost gauge, driver's side airbag,
ABS on/off switch, infrared remote.
 Wheels/Suspension: Stiffest (factory) springs, 5 spoke 16 X 8 wheels, rear
 Driveline: Highest incidence of transmission problems.

93 S4- Same as 92 except:
 Exterior: Glass sunroof.
 Interior: Carbon fiber trim, no trip computer, driver and passenger side
 Wheels/Suspension: Softer springs, no rear swaybar.
					  My original equipment wheels are 6
spoke 15 X 7.
 Driveline: Fewer transmission problems, but still a potential problem.

94 S4- Same as 93 except:
 Exterior: No under hood light.
 Interior: Wood trim.
 Driveline: Transmission problems mostly eliminated.
95 S6- S6 Avant added-
 Exterior: Restyled bumper caps and side moldings (body color), clear front
markers?, restyled mirrors, RF remote.
 Interior: 3 spoke sport steering wheel.
 Wheels/suspension: 	6 spoke 16 X 7.5 Avus-style wheels.

95.5 S6/S6 Avant: Same as 95 except:
 Interior: Some cloth interior cars.
 Driveline: Quattro IV w/EDL.
			The EDL is identified by no DIFF switch on the
center console.

	The only S4/S6 specific weak point is the transmission. Otherwise,
normal Audi turbo potential trouble spots apply- bomb, turbo oil & coolant
lines, timing belt, etc. The engine compartment is deceptively simple from
the top, so make sure you take a good look at any potential purchase while
the car is on a lift- the packaging density is pretty impressive from below.



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