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Fw: Re: Save me! (?)

I've driven a Sube (parents Legacy) and have driven my Audi(s) and a
Quantum Synchro (Audi 4K Wagon incognito). The Sube drives fairly well
(slushbox) but does run outta steam at higher speeds. Handling is fairly
decent, but, unlike the Audis or VeeDubs, doesn't exactly ask to be
pushed. Interior trim a little below the Audi 4K, about the same as the
Veedub (both vintage 80's vs. 90's for the Sube) but nothing like my 200.
When it comes to AWD in the slick stuff (with the slushbox), I have found
that the Subaru system is nowhere near as transparent as the older open
diff system (4K, VW Quantum Synchro) nor the T*rs*n of my 200TQ or my
friends A6 (Slushbox).  Seems slower in response, allowing more
wheelspin, weaker takeoffs, and less stability under power. Overall a
decent car, whose only real maintenance nightmares are the exhaust,
valves, belts, and bodywork (thinner more corrosion prone metal). If you
can find it, why not find an 88 VW Quantum Synchro GL5? Similar
maintenance to the 4K (i.e. no pentosin) ALOT of fun to drive, and, with
looking diffs, alot more dependable in getting out of slick situ's than
the Subaru. 

Just my $0.02


P.S. Happy Holidays to all on the list

On Sat, 25 Dec 1999 04:01:03 EST THEEARTHGUY@cs.com writes:
> With all the problems associated with keeping my Audi alive, the love 
> affair 
> has worn off, folks.  I recently drove an older Subaru 4wd wagon and 
> was 
> highly impressed, to be frank.  Turbo, adjustable height, 4wd, LOTS 
> of space, 
> reliable as a beetle...can anyone tell me reasons to keep with 
> Audi's?  I 
> bike/kayak/move a lot and this seems to be the ideal car...
> Chris