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Re: Subject: Re: the Bose Towering Inferno--still simmering?

Sort of a re-post:

ANY word on whether or not ONLY 1991 Bose equiped cars are affected or
were there other years that also may have this potential problem?

LL - '89 2CQ - "La Bomba?" 

>>First, lots of us bose equipped guys don't want to replace apparently 
>>stereo speakers and radios to the tune of several hundred dollars, 
>due to a
>>manufacturing defect or design flaw.  We can get rebuilt speakers for 
>>$80 each or so using our internet discounts?  Probably have the same

>>What I'd like is a simple fix, such as "we'll install a $1.00 fusible 
>link on
>>each amp and it'll blow and not burn your car and whatever is in it 
>to the
>>ground".  In my opinion, this is similar to the "fuel line leak in 
>the engine
>>compartment" issue on the '92-97 S4/S6, except that to my knowledge, 
>none of
>>those cars have burned and been declared a total loss (unlike some 
>>200q20v bose cars... who's owners were not compensated by Audi, btw). 
>>Yes, I've checked all the TSBs for this; not listed.  I'm the one who 
>>out that similar era Infinity Q45's had a recall on bose speakers due 
>to amp
>>failure and fire...
>>That lively enough for ya?
>>chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
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