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Re: Subject: Re: the Bose Towering Inferno--still simmering?

The Nissan Infiniti recall was for their Q45 models manufactured from June
1990 to Jun 1992.  I assume that means most of their '91 model-year
production and perhaps some of the '92. For Audi, I assume a similar time
interval. Not likely that any pre-'91 model Audis are involved, but no info
forthcoming from Audi--yet.

I just returned from the post office, having sent (by certified mail) a
long letter to AoA in which I described my knowledge about the Bose
fire-hazard issue, stated my (and others) grave concern and requested a
quick response. I'll post whatever I learn as soon as it is available.


>Sort of a re-post:
>ANY word on whether or not ONLY 1991 Bose equiped cars are affected or
>were there other years that also may have this potential problem?
>LL - '89 2CQ - "La Bomba?"

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose@frontiernet.net
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