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Re: Control (Warm-up) Pressure Regulator Question.

BADFISH469@aol.com writes:
> 1) What year/model audi uses the Control Pressure Regulator (warm-up reg.) 
> with a port to the atmosphere, and a port to vaccum (so when the motor goes 
> to vacuum, or boost, however it is set-up, applies more pressure, to richen 
> the mixture) Also, I need the part number too so I can verify what i am 
> looking at.

Only Audi turbo models in in early 80s used the control pressure regulator
with vacuum lines.  The specific part number varies from model to model
(I guess different calibrations).

> 2) How do I set the vacuum port, to enrich my mixture at WOT (where the 
> vacuum is non-existant). Keep in mind, that I have a NON-Turbo 924, so I 
> never go on boost. TIA

The easiest way to do this is not to mess with the vacuum port at all.
On the CIS cars with oxy sensor, there is a thermoswitch plumbed in the
coolant line (usually in the path of the heater hoses) that is closed
when the coolant is cold.  This tells the ECU to run in open-loop enriched
mode.  When the coolant warms up, the switch opens to tell the ECU to go
to closed loop operation.  You can wire up a full throttle switch on
your throttle body in parallel to the OXS thermoswitch, so that when you
floor it, will cause the ECU to go to enrich mode.  This is in fact how
some of the early CIS cars with full-throttle switches are wired from
the factory.

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