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RE: Winter Quirks

Last winter my 86 5kcstq made a 'howling' noise when cold.  It was caused by
a worn ignition distributor.  

The next time the car makes the noise, open the hood try to determine
if the noise is coming from the distributor.  If you are brave, touch the
distributor and you will be able to feel it if it is bad.  You will also
feel something if your plug wires are bad, but that is quite a different 

I replaced mine with a used unit from Chris Semple.  

Mike Sylvester
Shirley, MA

94 100cs q
91 200q20v a
86 5kcstq

Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 13:14:08 EST
From: Vbonz@aol.com
Subject: Winter Quirks

I have a 1990 200q in mint condition.  When outside air temps are 15F or 
colder, the car makes an annoying howling noise.  The car will howl for
2 minutes.  It has always made this sound on cold days and the colder it is 
the louder it is.  It will make this sound at idle and acceleration.  I
it may be the turbo.  Any suggestions.  Also my cruise will not hold set 
speed on extremely cold days.  Once the engine warms up it works as normal.