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Re: Audis in movies

In a message dated 12/27/99 4:07:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, DOUBLDz@aol.com 

> I just saw a movie called "The Story of Us." The character Bruce Willis 
> plays 
>  is seen driving a Ford Explorer all through the film. The character Rob 
>  Reiner plays drives a big, black Audi (only viewed from the front, at 
>  and is on the screen for a nanosecond.
>  Only spotting so far in South Florida, inside or out.
>  Dee
>  95A6q pearl

I'm sure everyone remembers this, and forgive me if it has already been 
posted... but I watched the movie last night and thought of the list...

"Mind if I test drive your Audi?"

The first Lethal Weapon...

85 5Ks