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Re: 5kcstq questions (LONG)

>1. Brake upgrade recommendations/experiences?  I'm looking into Ate vented
>Power Disks.  Good/bad?  What pads are good for daily driver use?

have em on my 885kcstq w/ metal master and love them.  I got them from Blua,
highly recommend them as well

>6. Perforance: once engine is dialed in, looking into Mockry's chip and
>spring.  Has anyone also tried a bypass valve (is this the same as
>blow-by?)?  Larger intercooler?  Clutch/master/bomb are fine, will they
>up with approx. 20 more h.p.?

Look into the qlcc chip, i have one and like it

>7. Looking for good source of window switches/regulators--anyone?

Blau, $19.95 I think....

Good luck,

Rich Burke
88 5KCSTQ, 180K miles and still kicking...