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,.,.,. 90V8Q braking on ice with ABS ,.,.,.,.

hi folks!

do you know what can cause the following problem when braking with ABS
turned on
on ice or snow (or just on slippery road):

braking pedal goes almost to the floor and i feel no pulsation (like on
other cars when ABS is engaged),
back left wheel blocks, other three wheels do not brake at all (not even a
and what's worst of all - when i release the brake pedal, it would not come
for about 2 seconds and the back wheel is being blocked (can throw the car
into a spin)

interesting thing is that when i turn ABS off, the braking abilities are
normal like they
supposed to be on a car without ABS.

now, if one can blame bad ABS sensors for it, perhaps it can cause
miss-calculations also 
for computer controlled central differential clutch?

anybody ... Elliot, Steve ... somebody ...?

Any hint or advice is greatly appreciated!!!

90 V8Q