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V8 Spark Plug Cover - broke mine :-(

Subject pretty much sums it up.

The bad part is I did a stupid thing to break it :-(

Was changing plugs, cap/rotor and oxy sensor last night.

Plugs where easy. Although you wants to be very carefull not to strip
the head putting the new plugs in.  BTW, the book say's Bosch H6DC0 plugs,
As I was taking the first one out It was actually a H7DC0.  Slight hart
palpitations building as I check to see what Mack actually sent.... 
Mack "You the Man" for sending me the H7DC0 :-)

Cap Rotor, kind of a pain, went better once I got over the horror of
taking a hammer and chisel to the rotors to get them off...  not as bad
as it sounds.  I used a very sharp wood chisel to chip the glued on rotor
off.  Just a little tap, tap, tap and it split of in a few pieces.  Had to
clean up the shaft with a razor blade,  then use a crow bar to gently press
the new one on.

I had left the plastic plug covers on the front radiator support when I
jacked the car up to do the oxy sensor.  When I was done I let the car
down to quickly and the hood shut and shattered the driver side cover :-(

I copied Chris Semple from autobahn here, so Chris got any V8 spark plug
covers hanging around :-) I need a drivers side cover.


Mike LaRosa
90 V8
91 V8 (The 91 know runs without any hesitation or surging and I think it's
       getting better gas mileage....  we'll see after a full tank of gas.)

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