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Re: Subject: Re: the Bose Towering Inferno--still simmering?

David Head said:

>Ok - odds board...
>1. Any response at all:  10:1
>2. Snide response: 12:1
>3. We don't know what the hell you're talking about, contact our lawyers...:
>4. We'll look in to it immediately - obviously this is a serious safety
>and we need to jump right on it: 100:1
>I hope you put cc: NHTSA on the bottom left corner.

Yep, not just NHTSA, but "NHTSA, Administrator". Actually, response #4
would be the most logical one for Audi; it admits to nothing other than
that a burning car is a serious safety concern, and it says naught about
their responsibility, other than to give the issue consideration.

We'll see. Hmmm, I guess 100:1 are pretty good odds, but I'm making no
wagers based on expectations of logical behavior from AOA.  ;-)


>Phil Rose wrote:
>> I just returned from the post office, having sent (by certified mail) a
>> long letter to AoA in which I described my knowledge about the Bose
>> fire-hazard issue, stated my (and others) grave concern and requested a
>> quick response. I'll post whatever I learn as soon as it is available.

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