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RE: Leaking heater core

I have used the "rad. coolant leak stop" in the past and they work, very
well, the only problem is that the rest of the "leak stop" keeps circulating
in the system. When you decide to perform a repair you will have to flush
the system 2-3 times to get rid of all the "leak" stuff. On another note my
experience is only for rad. leaks not heater cores, should be the same
Take care,

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How are your collective views on using coolant system sealers (e.g. Bars
Leaks) to fix a 'sweating' heater core? Car in question is an '87 90q
(first of the type 89/B3) and I don't fancy doing the fabled 8-hour
dash-out operation... no A/C in this car, BTW. If no-one replies, I'll
repost in Jan...