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RE: Save me (from surabuS; short).

I guess buying SAAB wasn't quite the windfall they hoped.  GM's gettin' 

Coming in '01 from GM:

Subaru Outback Esplanade
Cadillac Brat
Chevy Impreza Impala
Buick LeSabre Legacy Limited

>Just a small note:
>GM is buying 20% stake in Fuji heavy industry (the parent company of 
>with an option/possibility to also purchase 4.5% (of Fuji) from Nissan 
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>Anyone else noticed that Subaru really tries for an Australian image?
>They have absolutely nothing to do with Australia, yet all the
>commercials are shot to look like they were done in Au, all of the
>actors have Au accents, and now the model names are
>Wouldn't surprise me if half the US now thinks Subaru is an
>Australian product...and wouldn't surprise me if half of Australia is
>mildly irritated about it :-)
>I guess a bunch of Subaru exec's visited Australia(I hear they're the
>#1 tourist group there?) and loved it...
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