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1990 200tqw: Parking brake problem and stuck brakes

The rear brakes on the passenger side wheel are holding the wheel so that
they wheel is hard to turn.  I thought this was due to the parking brake
being stuck.  But when I look at the brake caliper lever it  is against the
stop indicating that the hand brake is off meaning there is no tension on
the brake cable. So why are the brake pads holding onto the rotor.  To make
matters more confusing, the brake caliper lever on the other wheel(passenger
side) is pulled off its stop by the cable indicating that the brake is on
which it is not.  However, this wheel turns freely.  I am quite confused by
what I am seeing plus when I drive my car I get a burning brake pad smell.
Your insight will be appreciated.

Ron Frazier
1990 200tqw
1993 100csqw