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Hi all--new to the list (again)--test drove and S4

G'day all.

I used to be on this list about 2 1/2 years ago and just decided to
resubscribe.  Look forward to some discussions.  About how many subscribers
are there these days?

On a more topic-related note, I got the chance to test drive an S4 yesterday
(in "arrest-me-officer red") .  Wow!  6 forward gears, very smooth turbo
acceleration, and tight as a drum.  As with my A4, I found the seat
adjustments lacking somewhat, but other than that, I loved it.  It's a car I
could get into serious trouble with...

Anyway, see you on the list...


Achille Riviello
'96 A4Q (soon to be on the selling block)
'83 4000s (250k miles and still running)
'67 Jaguar XKE coupe
'93 Jeep Cherokee
"4 cars and not a single automatic transmission"


Achille Riviello
tel: 215-504-8091

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