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Re: Audi Flu

I've had a similar problem on my 88 80 fwd.  It takes a couple of minutes
to get it started.  Then, after its been running for about an hour, it
stalls and won't start up again.  My mechanic said it was the ignition
coil, and showed me where some of the plastic on the coil had melted.  The
fuel pump is also buzzing.  I'm replacing both the coil and the pump tonite...

I'll let you know how it works out.


At 11:16 PM 12/22/99 -0800, Timothy C Salazar II wrote:
>Hey All,
>I've got something of a mystery going on in my 1985 4kq.  I know for a
>fact that the thermo-time switch is on the fritz, making cold starting
>something of a chore, but that's not the real problem, I think.  First my
>car started coughing out a dirty black liquid that smelled like gas
>through the tail pipe for about a week, then stopped.  Now it's doing
>this stalling thing.  Actually, it's not stalling, but stuttering like
>it's running out of gas.  The car does keep running, however.  It
>normally does it at speed, but other than that it seems random.  The only
>guess I have is there is a short at the fuel pump somewhere.  I come to
>this conclusion when I listen to it before ignition.  Sometimes it buzzes
>for a second or so, like normal.  Sometimes I hear a slight chime, (as in
>the "door ajar" chime), while the pump continues to buzz on without
>stopping.  And sometimes I don't hear any noise from the pump at all. 
>Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?  Any ideas what's going on
>here?  Thanks alot for the diagnosis!
>Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,
>`85 4kq
>`82 & `86 CGT (R.I.P.)
1989 Audi 100 5 Cyl
1984 Dodge Colt Turbo twin stick