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Q, give away, after death

Boys and girls,
As I was working on my car today, (new bumper and some modifications to the
lights) a thought crossed my mind, what will happen to my Q after I die,
assuming I die before I replace it, which I most defiantly intend to do,
when more money comes around, (anybody for "super alternators"?).
* If I just let my wife have it, it would be no good since she won't drive
it (stick) and will never appreciate it,
* If I let my boy have it, it would be no good; he is a computer "dick head"
and has no sensitivity to mechanical things of art,
* If the car is sold, it wouldn't fetch any money worth of its
glory................how do you sell a car that was purchased for under 5K
and has 10K (on top of the original price) invested in?

So here is my brilliant idea:
If I die an untimely death (not in the Q of course), the car should be
raffled to all the interested list members, may be a raffle ticket of $5
that would be given to Dan (list meister).
The winning party will get the Q (with all the spare parts)............and
the license plate "QTRO" (CA plate).

I figure the above will be the best way to take care of the Q and leave it
in very good hands.........
All comments are welcome, good or bad,
As a side note, as of today I have no knowledge of my impending death, nor
do I have a terminal sickness that I am aware of.