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Re: transmission slipping on 5kcst?

I hope this doesn't make you crazy, but I'll tell you anyway.  About 3.5 
years ago I bought an 85 5kt real cheap.  After I put about $800 to $1000 
total into the car I loved it.  I thought it was better than many new cars I 
had driven;roomy, solid, great dynamics, great fuel economy.  Then the trans 
started slipping about 150k miles.  Uh-oh!   So after deciding I didn't want 
to spend all that money, I looked at the Bentley manual real carefully.  
Seems no specialized (expensive) tools are required to repair trans.  I 
bought the complete kit for about $100 and got the band brake for another 
$60.  My supplier said I probably didn't need it, but I didn't want to 
disassemble again.  He was right, only the clutch discs were worn/burnt.  
Just like a motorcycle wet clutch I changed once.  Anyway, it took me about 
1.5 days to do it.  Just followed Bentley step by step and kept everything 
edible clean.  No problem really, except jacking it up and down into 
position.  1.5 years and 50k miles later and no problems so far.  Everything 
inside the trans was really pretty clean and no metallic wear.  Just the 
clutch packs, just as the supplier said.  I don't know if this will help or 
disturb you, but I hope it helps somehow.

Good luck
Jim Accordino