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RE: Bose blowups

... well, I figured I wanted to know a bit more about the situation than I
did at the time, so I pulled the right rear speaker out of the V8 ...

I took some digital pix of the board ... (Chris, let me know if you'd like
me to e-mail them to you if you'd like to post them to your website or
something).  I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that Bose used a
2-layer fiberglass board.  There are two large electrolytic caps on the
board and a number of smaller ones.  There is some sort of liquid adhesive
that covers some toroidal inductors as well as some of the caps.  I saw no
fuses.  I saw no conformal coatings on the board (which is what the recall
for Intfiniti claimed was the source of the problem).  As far as I can tell
from date codes and such this unit was probably the original for the car.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> > I would like to take a look at a working or failed Bose speaker to
> > identify a repair that can be done by ourselves if or when AOA tell us
> > to take a hike. I have worked on a wide range of electronic equipment
> > to component level. If it is capacitor failure that causes the problems
> > then it is worth while to replace all capacitors at the same time, as
> > they will be of the same quality and age. It would be a reasonable cost
> > to buy good quality components in small bulk quantities. I hope that I
> > can work on this with you guys as a list project to make sure no more
> > cars are unnecessarily killed by a small electrical failure.
> ---
> The people at Bose are looking into this as we speak; and 
> Phil has sent off a letter to audi and cc'd the NHTSA.  Brett 
> (earlier in the year) started a file with Audi; who knows 
> what that means.  
> I don't know of any failed speakers available; wasn't there a 
> fire damaged 200q20v in Dad's in CA?  They'd likely sell a 
> speaker cheaply if it's fire damaged. (anyone know who's car