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Re: 2Bennett Ricirc setup...

At 12:23 AM 12/29/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>Bernard Littau wrote:
>> A blow off valve beyond the turbo can vent this extra pressure, preventing
>> the pressure spike and turbo slowdown.  A blow off valve vents to the
>> atmosphere, so the air is lost.  A recirculation setup ducts the air from
>> beyond the turbo to before the turbo.  This prevents the pressure spike,
>> also keeps one from loosing measured air from the system.  I suspect it is
>> also more efficient to recirculate the air in terms of keeping the turbo
>> spinning -- you are in a sense using air that is already in motion rather
>> than accelerating new air.
>A question; in a recirc setup, when you take the foot of the gas pedal,
>is less air drawn through the Fuel Injection air flow meter so the injection
>will feed less fuel to the engine.  Would you concider that good, bad or
>matter ?

Only compared to the blow off system.  As the recirc system is closed, it
would use the same fuel as a completely unmodified car.  The blow off
system is going to vent metered air, and therefore cause an excessively
rich mixture (if only briefly).  Better to have the air recirculating than