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Re: Q, give away, after death

Dear Qlisters Hi,

This thread reminded my of a real story I read some years ago about a guy
who has commissioned a sculpture of his MERC*DES to be erected on top of his
The idea of the lottary sound interesting, even though I could not
participate bacause of excessive taxes on importing the possible prize to

But If I were in your shoes and considering the space availabillity problem
is addressed I would prefer to be buried in my favorite AUDI.
(the RS2 is a station so there is ample room too.)

Take care, stay with as for a long time and enjoy your holidays

Pantelis Giamarellos
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Subject: Re: Q, give away, after death

>    I think I missed the beginning of this thread, but it seems as if
>someone is doing a lottery for a dead Q?  Is that it?  If so make sure you
>have a clause in the rules that says NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  If you don't
>you could have the government after your tail.  Although I believe local
>officials could really care less, but if you make a substantial amount they
>Regards and good luck,
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