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4kq suspension. (commetns and a question or two)

Someone asked about springs for a 4kq, and I spent my Christams doing
them. I have a 85 4ksq that had original springs and struts and 200k
miles. So, needles to say, it did not ride so well. And it sagged.

Becasue the car was originally from NY, everything was seized. So it took
something like 20 hours by the time all was said and done. Afterwards,
however, I have a completely new suspension, including H&R springs, Koni
adjsutable "d" strut inserts, front cv axles, ball joints all around, tie
rod ends, and delrin control arm bushings. I also installed the Jamex
bar. BTW, I used the blue ur-q strut bearings all the way around. These
are the higher durometer (stiffness), thicker (according to Huw) ones.
They definitely seem tight (but then, what wouldn't compared to 200k mile
old original ones?). They are not noticably thicker in terms of ride
height--the car still is lower in front than in the rear.

In terms of lowering, it appears to have lowered it about 1.5". I say
appears, because the back was severely sagging and thus its height is
actually unchanged! But it does look good now, and is of course much
tighter. SO, I think the H&R springs are nice. They are firmer than
stock, but not abusive. I also have them on my VW, afeter initially going
with HOR technology ones, which are TERRIBLE. I also like them in that

Here are my questions: I took the car to get aligned, and the guy said
the rack clamp was not bolted in. I have no idea what he meant. I looked
the rack up in the bentley, haynes, and the family album. All say it is
held on by one bolt. There is no "C" shaped clamp on the whole assembly
as near as I can tell (exceptthe one that holds the tie rods on to the
rack itself, but that is clearly in place and has all bolts on it). I
even looked at the rack from the passengerts side access, and I still
don't see what he is talking about. I tried to get him to point it out on
a family album print out/parts diagram, and he pointed to the bolt
mounting it to the firewall and said the c bracket was there (and
loose--"it just moves back and forth when you turn the steering, so it
won't hold an alignment," he opined). Anyone know what this "C" clamp
might be? (P.S. I scheduled an alignement from a different shop tomorrow
am. If I don't hear something that makes me cancel, I am going to see
whatthey have to say.)

Two, I broke not one, but BOTH links on the sway bar. Sheared the nuts
right off. I am in the proceess of trying to get new ones, but is there
any (a) danger to driving without these attached (they go through the
bushings on the control arm but obviously are not attached); or (b) need
to wait to get it aligned until these are replaced? Also, anyone know of
a source for poly or delrin bushings for the links?

Thanks! Driving impressions could follow if I ever get the thing


85 4ksq
86 VW gti
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