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Re: Radar Detection

The Valentine One is the top-rated detector; has been for many years. 
Mike Valentine was the designer of the original Escort as well as 
several other models.  Those who owned the first Escort will have 
flashbacks as they learn the operation of the V1; it's very similar 
in operation.  The V1 features a great display; the "bogey counter" 
is famous(shows how many sources; ie, is it just that road sign, or 
is there a fuzz behind it with a second radar gun?) as is the 
directional arrows(front/side/rear to show direction of source.) The 
V1 is also very "quiet"; it won't set off other detectors and other 
detectors don't usually affect it.

A recent review on Deja.com resulted in literally hundreds of users 
submitting rave reviews of the V1; there were something like 400 
comments/votes entered in for the V1, versus a max of about 50 for 
one of the other detectors.

The V1 comes with a hard-wiring kit(suggested source of power is the 
sunroof power line since this is switched) and a remote display unit 
is available for about $60 if memory serves.  Standard phone 
cable+jacks are used to interconnect the cig. adapter/hard wire 
adapter, remote display, and detector, and carries both power and 
comunications for the remote display; there are about a zillion 
different ways to set it up.  The phone cable makes for a great 
disconnect and also allows for very easy custom-length cabling.

   Valentine offers a complete upgrade policy; if they update the 
unit, for a modest fee you can send in yours and have it updated.

You can get the V1 ONLY through the online store or by calling them; 
they do not sell any way except direct.  The people I spoke with were 
very courteous and professional; when they messed up and didn't send 
me a remote display as well as the detector(never got entered into 
the order), they paid for overnight shipping on the second package(I 
asked if they would, the rep said "Of course, sir!")

Expect to pay about $400.

I've had as long as 2/10's of a mile warning for those dumb "your 
speed is..." signs in the countryside(read, winding roads.)

The laser detector part frequently gets freaked out by things like:
-LED based road signs when I'm -very- close to them, ie, I'm in right 
lane, it's right near the edge of the road
-windshield washer fluid spritzing when in bright sunlight ahead; 
this happens rarely

All in all, I was quite impressed with the design of the whole unit 
and all the accessories; they were all obviously very well thought 
out.  Should be...Mike has been making detectors almost since before 
I was born!


At 8:43 AM -0500 12/29/99, Bill Rowe, CFO wrote:
>Looking for a radar detector.  Any recommendations and how much and does it
>plug into cig lighter, batteries or permanent installation.  Got 2 speeding
>tickets in town in 3 months and I've had ENOUGH!!!  Please help.  Thanx.

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