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RE: Bose blowups

I've been following this thread with interest.  I just
bought a '91 200TQ last Sunday and re-subbed to the
list after unsubbing 2 years ago due to volume.
I'm very happy with the 20v and its free-revving
nature compared to my '87 5ktqw and '87 5kt.

Anyway, one of the 'small' problems with my new car
is when the rear speakers are connected, there is a
loud tone like a wire is shorting.  The front 
speakers work fine.  I now suspect it's related to the
capacitors frying as described here.  I'm thinking of
removing them and taking them to my local electronics
repair guy to see if the capacitors are replaceable.
Failing that, has anyone looked into simply replacing
the speakers with aftermarket speakers or is it
necessary to use the OEM Bose amplified speakers to maintain
the original system balance?   I may replace the head unit
also with an Alpine since the digital read-out is
not showing the correct frequency.  

Best regards and Happy New Year!

Steve Jagernauth
'91 200TQ, TAP chip, 1.8bar
'87 5ktqw (FOR SALE)