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Re: Another copy-cat!?! Prodigy(Ford...or Audi?)

I, too, did a double take on the Ford Prodigy (and the Taurus in '85).

This is easily explainable if what I think I read somewhere is true (I could 
be way off): that the designer of the New Beetle, Boxster, and current 
generation of VW/Audis left about 1.5 years ago and is now the head designer 
for Ford.

I'm not positive, my altered synapses also think he went to 

>Flippin' thru the Boston Globe this morning and what do I see - a big pic 
>an Audi - right there in the business section...no wait...it's a Ford!  
>is goin' on!?  I need Boston area listers to look in the globe(page C-4) if
>they can and confirm my sanity.  This is probably old news(I haven't been
>reading the car mags), but Ford is unveiling the Prodigy on Jan. 10th and 
>is AT BEST a TT in the front with Passat-like lines from the B-pillar
>back(and Audi wheels), but I think it could be all Audi!  I need other
>opinions....and answers - Is this legal!?(sort of rhetorical) How can Ford
>do this *and* hold their heads up?
>Just flat out upset -  check it out for yourself...

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