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Re: Back-up lights out? Looking for switch location.

Martin -

My 5k's back-up lights were out. I began my checks by going to the
kostal connectors in the left-front footwell. Using your Bentley, you
can find the wire that leads back to the lights and try supplying power
to it. (I did so and found that the wiring from that point back was

Then, I went for the back-up switch on the transmission. It's mounted
above the right-front output flange. I believe that if you remove the
windshield washer bottle, you can just see it. It's near and above the
diff lock servo but just a little screw-in switch with two wires. Check
that you see 12V at one of the two wires to the switch, and that by
jumpering the wires you turn on the back-up lights. 

(I didn't see 12V or the lights come on when jumpering. It turned out
that the four-point connector that connects the switch's wires into the
larger bundle had had its internal connectors pulled apart. Those wires
just lay across the transmission and probably get pulled on sometimes;
it looked like the strain relief didn't do its job.)

You can get a new switch for a couple of bucks from The Parts
Connection. I did for the heck of it, since I was in there and the old
one had an ohm or two of resistance. I've got to have my back-up lights
bright, you know! Maybe I should add relays!

Hope that helps.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 161k

Martin Pot wrote:
> Hi, guys. I have been trying to fix our back-up lights, but cannot find the
> problem. Light bulbs are good, wires in the trunk hinge are worn, but not
> enough to cause any trouble, fuses are good. Now I am thinking there must be
> a problem with the switch, but don't know where it is. The Bentley is not
> much help at all. Does somebody know where this switch and mechanism is
> located on our '86 5KCSTQ 5spd? Thanks, Martin.