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Re: hesitation after startup, slight missing

I had the exact same thing on my 885KCSTQ, I forget the name of the hose
(crankcase vent or something), but on mine if your looking at the engine, it
is a large hose that comes up off the crankcase.  Mine had collapsed and a
hole had formed.  I replaced it and everything was fine.  I could also
squeeze the hose and cover the hole and it would run much better.  I can
find the part#'s if you need them.


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Subject: hesitation after startup, slight missing

> My '87 5kcstq w/146k mi is has the hiccups!
> After starting cold in the morning (about 55 deg.)is fires up great, but
> will hiccup if I try to drive away--I need to let it run a couple minutes,
> then it's fine.
> Then, when I start it cold after work to go home, it fires up great, then
> stutters and sometimes dies!!  If I blip the throttle for a minute, it'll
> idle ok.  It's like clockwork--idle w/slight hesitation in morning;
> cough-cough-choke at 5:30pm.  WEE-RRd!
> Last, full throttle is a wee flaky--sometimes I'll feel a slight
> when turbo hits 1.1, like a soft governor or something, then it may/may
> go up to 1.2/3 after a certain rpm (around 4000). At least w/my '66 Caddy,
> can chalk it up to a carb adjustment.
> I put the "rant" in ignorant, so here's my quetions: can I replace the WOT
> temperature sensors? i.e. are they separate parts?  How much do they cost?
> What's the best way to adjust the mixture?
> t.i.a.
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