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Re: thump thump thump 44

...or a tire anomaly...

Kneale Brownson

At 09:09 AM 12/29/1999 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>If the frequency of the thump noise is directly related to how fast 
>you're going, and gets louder or softer depending upon which way you 
>corner, left or right(shifting weight off one wheel and onto 
>another), then it is almost certainly a bearing, probably a rear 
>one(if it gets worse when the car is loaded.)  Which turn causes it 
>to get louder will show which bearing it is.
>At 7:48 AM -0600 12/29/99, Matthew Caprio wrote:
>>Regarding my 88 5000sq:
>>*couple weeks ago I had a reliable shop change a front wheel bearing and
>>tie rod end (different sides)
>>*last week I changed the noisy fuel pump
>>*after loading the car up (approx 350lbs of stuff) and starting off for a
>>1000 mile Christmas trip last week, I noticed a new sound-- a fast
>>"thump-thump-thump" that is very faint, but noticable above 50mph while
>>steering slightly to the right (sounds like running over small pavement
>>seams rapidly).  First time driving the car in cold weather (it was approx
>>32 at 4am).  So, I drove around town, wasting trip travel time, just
>>trying to see if the sound would go away as things warmed up, before making
>>the 1000 mile trip.  It didn't, so I took the car home, and swapped
>>everything into my wife's Accord.
>>*now that I returned, the sound seems to be less noticable (but it's was
>>dead quiet out at 4 am last time, and it was colder, and there was more
>>My question is, where is this sound coming from?  Could it be related to
>>that changed bearing? or the changed tie rod end? or is it just because I
>>changed that damn noisy fuel pump that I can now hear a sound that has been
>>there?!!  I really don't like that thumping sound-- I'm hoping it will get
>>louder so I can find it..
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