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RE: 89 200tq wagon

Sounds like the "Parking brake on" warning light. The switch on the parking
brake sometimes sticks. Mine goes on and off randomly. Try banging on the
parking brake lever.

Nick Craft

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> Subject: 89 200tq wagon
> I'm new to the list and am amazed at the volume of traffic
> that arrives
> at my email doorstep!  I have an 89 200 TQ Avant with 344.5k
> miles (not
> km!).  The red brake warning light has been either on or,
> occasionally,
> off for about the last six months.  There is nothing wrong with the
> braking system per se (all fluids are normal, just replaced
> all pads and
> rear rotors, etc.).  Anybody help with location of the
> sending unit that
> must be giving me this problem.  I have had several experienced Audi
> people (I'm definitely not a mechanic) check it out and all, including
> one guy who's a mechanic at the local Audi dealer as his day
> job and who
> moonlights on his own, can't seem to figure out the problem.
> Any ideas
> I might be able to pass along to the wrench spinners will be
> appreciated, especially by me.  By the way, I do have the car for sale
> if you know anyone interested...it is tight, solid and I'll
> be happy to
> give interested parties further info.  Email me with solutions or
> interest at donohue@netconnx.net.  Thanks