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Re: Radio Security Code

Thanks for writting, Larry!

The local Audi dealer would look up the code for me, but refused to let
me walk in with the radio pulled, even if I came in with the title +
registration and had the car in the lot. They would charge $37.50 (1/2 hr
labor) to pull the unit and check the code. Talk about a scam. I just
happened to remember the code (now have it written in a safe place + gave
it to my mechanic) two days before my "walk-in" apointment, thus
cancelled (+ had tunes 2 days in advance. Also two days sooner to
possible Bose meltdown, ha, ha). At the moment, I do not recall the name
of the dealership (they are the only one located in Nanuet, NY) but do
know now whom I won't be going to in the future. There are actually 3
other dealers with 30 miles + my mechanic, whom I've recommended before
(Haupt-Strauss Motors).

Larry - '89 2CTQ, '85 GTi (Solo2)

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999 17:30:06 -0500 Lawrence Bardfeld
<LB6116@PITCAIRN.com> writes:
>Was your question (posted on 12/19) ever answered?  I returned from a 
>trip to Brazil and was catching up on my q-digests and saw your 
>question.  I think that if you took the radio in to an Audi dealer - 
>or gave them the serial number - they would be able to give you the 
>Larry Bardfeld