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Re: Engine fault codes

There is a quarter-page or so in the Bentley, but I've done this so many times in the past week I could do it in my sleep, here's my procedure:

All done from viewpoint of you sitting in driver's seat. Put masking tape over the (long, right) dash-wood to prevent scratching. Remove upper column cover by removing two screws (phillips) from bottom (one on each side) and lifting front (steering wheel side, toward rear of car) of cover while pulling it toward you.
Remove trim strip at base of cluster by removing 3 phillips screws. Remove two screws (phillips) above column where the bottom of cluster meets the dash. Begin to pull gently on the IC tabs, more from the right side than the left. Once it is to the point it is resting on the back of the steering wheel itself you will be
able to access the plugs on the back. The rightmost one should just pull out. The others have tabs/clips. The two remaining "long" plugs have a locking clip in the center. Pry it up (using small screwdriver, awl, etc.) and it will release the plug - then just pull the plug out. The two smaller plugs have locking tabs.
Press both tabs while pulling on the plugs. There may be another plug (the one/s I asked you about) attached to the check engine light, etc. I don't even know what it looks like to tell you how to unplug it, as my car lacks one altogether. Then the IC should be free.

While it is out, I recommend coating the connections/plugs with dielectric grease or that "22" stuff that was mentioned somewhere. Basically any conductive and protective sealant should serve the same purpose. More importantly, I highly recommend performing Herr Meyers' speedometer connection bypass as it appears on
Chris Miller's page. I did all of the above when my speedo quit and I was getting intermittent bulb failures. Could not have asked for better - wish I had done it sooner. Fairly easy and did not take too long. Please email me if you need further clarification/advice.

Hope this helps, and thanks for your help concerning the bulb/harness/plug identification.
Shaun Folkerts
89 200QW

schurz@uswestmail.net wrote:

> Hi Shaun,
> It turns out I have never had the instrument panel cluster out so I can't provide any information yet about the wiring.  Remember my Audi is pre November 1989 when there were a number of changes made.  Maybe the post November 1989 models didn't have an engine check light.
> I have been trying to purchase a Bentley manual for my car but with no luck. Seems everyone is out of stock even Bentley and Bentley says they don't know when they will republish.  So if you will provide me the procedure to remove the instrument cluster then I will look at the wiring as I need to replace some bulbs.
> Jim
> 1989 200
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