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Broken ankles, was Radar Detection

Allan Hi,

Do you leave in a shack in the woods together with Cathy Bates?
do you look like James Caan?
Is your life been written by the author of "Christine"? (his name does not
come to me right now)
Does Cathy Bates love you much and used a sledgehummer as an orthopedic

(joking of course)

Take care of your ankle, walk safely and enjoy the holidays.
Wish you a quick recovery.

Season greetings from Greece
Pantelis Giamarellos
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From: Allan Jones <ampj@mediaone.net>
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Date: Πέμπτη, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 1999 1:00 πμ
Subject: Re: Radar Detection

>I have the most original idea!
>Brake your right ankle so that when you apply the gas it hurts.  And it
>better.  You soon will realize that applying the brakes hurts even more
>since they require more pressure and you will LEARN to go slowly in order
>minimize braking. But wait, there's more...when you go to see your doctor
>and he yells at you cuz you've been walking on it and the fibula has moved
>0.5cm from where it was 2 weeks ago, you will learn to tread even more
>lightly. Try it - it works! ...I am now a very slow and cautious driver.
>Flame away!