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Re: Radar Detection

"Chris Dyer" <chrisdyer@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Everything else works, albeit not quite as well.  But much cheaper.  I
>bought one off ebay for $25!  It only worked for 1.5 yr, but saved me 3 or 4
>times.  Now I drive w/o one, and just make sure I'm not the fastest guy on
>the road.

Doesn't work here in Holland- they don't come after you, they just record
your speed and send you the ticket. Much easier, much cheaper. They follow
you only to take away your licence and/or car when you drive at a certain
amount over the limit. And the incredible amount of roadside cameras makes
it even easier, some highways have a camera every couple of hundred yards.
A Dutch-frequency V1 costs some $600 here, also rated top buy in a recent test