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Re: 80 Fuel Pump

bobbie@kcdm.org wrote:

>I'm changing the external fuel pump on the 80 today.  I can't find the
>procedure in the Bentley.  Do I need to drain the fuel tank?  How do you do
>this?  The pump looks pretty easy to change though.  Is there anything I
>should watch out for?

Disconnect the battery. Clamp the fuel line from the tank, no need to drain
it. Use new crush washers. Use only sealed 'tube' fluorescent lights for
extra lighting, don't smoke, watch out for static electricity. Give all
connections a good soaking in WD40 beforehand. Take care removing the banjo
bolt- a ground-down open-ended wrench is ideal here. If nothing's rusted on
it's not that hard a job.

Good luck!