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Re: Amber rear B4 turn sig P/N...still

>Tom Nas wrote:
>> Don't the US cars have their side markers in the rear turn
>> signals?
>The CQ does. The Euro equivalent has the slot for the sidemarker
>bulb molded into the housing, but it's not punched out, and
>there's no bulb holder in there anyway.

Ah. There's a place in the metalwork under the light housing where the hole
_could_ be. Not punched out either.
>> BTW, the lights appear to be red until you switch on the turn
>> signal- they light up amber. Very neat design.
>I've got the Euro rears for my CQ. I was hoping they'd be
>similar to the V8 design where it's a clear lens with a red
>grid behind it, and a yellow bulb that shines through. Instead,
>these are amber lenses with a white bulb, and lots of opaque
>red stripes. It still looks mostly red from a distance, and the
>orange flash is _much_ more noticeable, especially in bright

I think it's a neat design. I was considering copying it on the cheap by
sticking pinstripes horizontally at regular intervals on the light, masking
the rest of the non-amber bits and painting it with red lens paint. The
problem is that it's pretty hard to get the lens paint on evenly, and I
guess it's impossible to take the pinstripes off without taking some of the
paint with it. I'm currently too focused on making structural repairs to my
car to try out something so nonsensical and risk ruining my lights in the
process. Maybe I'll try it on some scrap material one day.