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Dipstick "Test?"

> Someone posted something about a "dipstick test" in regard to vacuum
> leaks; I know that pulling the dipstick out of a 5kt motor will cause
> a vacuum leak, but should the car _stall_ or just run rough?

Ideally, stall.  A good stumble is sufficient.

> My 87 5kcsq wagon has a(many?) vacuum leaks; it is hard to start,
> there is one mystery vacuum line that is not connected to anything -
> it comes from the vacuum regulator/plastic thing that connects to the
> airflow boot, runs around behind the fuel distriutor, terminates by
> the p-side headlight.

Emergency fuel drain, in case the diaphragm in the control pressure
regulator lets go.  Taken below the car on the MC series engines, led
into the intake plenum on the MB.  Stops fuel pissing onto the (hot)
exhaust at about six atmospheres.

> I suspect my dipstick is leaking, too - the rubber seal on the
> dipstick handle is old and flat, looks like an old(smaller) injector
> o-ring seal.  Are replacements available for the dipstick?

034 115 625B is an undocumented part number for the dipstick O-ring.
63 pence in the UK.  Get in quick - AoA's entire stock will now last
only hours.

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