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Re: G60 brakes on an 85 4000q [was: 88 90q]

Okay, so then it is true or is it not that if I use strut housings from 
an 88 90q (or non-q?), that the G60's will bolt up to my '85 4ksq?

I'm familiar with the post (from Ben Howell?) that's on Mark Chang's 
website regarding the issue, but I thought it was disproved or 
contested by someone else.

Is there final word?  I have some G60's and brackets, from a 5k, 
and I'd like to eventually put them on the 4ksq.

Sorry if this question is already known.

I have an idea, I'll host a FAQ.  Does anyone want to let me know 
what FAQ data they've got relevant to this list?  I want to expand 
my site a bit more.

BTW, if you want to sub to European Car or other magazines, you 
can do so through my site now.  I thought I'd give advertising it a 
try, since I actually like the product (EC).



Ssgacc@aol.com wrote:
> If you are replacing Girling single piston front calipers, either 54 or 60 mm 
> I believe, they will bolt right on the existing brackets.  (BTDT x 2)  Wheel 
> clearance should not be an issue as you have later vintage 15x6 wheels, yes?  
> I also would clean/inspect the guide pins, and replace the little 
> boots/grease.  That comes as a kit and does 2 wheels (p/n 443 698 470).  It's 
> about $6.  As for the other parts, there are many places to get them, but I 
> got mine last setup from Import Parts Specialists in Idaho. (1-800-897-7278)  
> I paid $100 ea. for the G60 calipers, $50 ea for the Ate atom groove rotors, 
> and $55 for the Axxis(MetalMaster) pads.  I shopped price and this was the 
> best I found.  Pretty good service.  I have no connection to these people, 
> just cheap prices and I get what I want right to my door.  I have the p/n's 
> for these brake parts somewhere, but like I said, it should be a straight 
> bolt on for any other Girling brakes.  Also, this is the best street braking 
> setup I EVER used.  I'm sure its not the ultimate track type setup, but its 
> cheap, gives good braking performance, and lasts a reasonable life.
> Good Luck
> Jim Accordino