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was Radar Detection now left foot braking

Yup, and it works on some video games too.  Local Gameworks has an awsome VR
Indy car game.  8 cars wheel to wheel racing.  Quick stab on the brake while
at full throttle will set up the car for the turn in, just like real life!
Last time I was there I got in the all time top 10 of all three courses,
Indy, Highland, and Bayside I think.
Gordie Bird
86 4kq

>It does work. I was racing in some 150cc go-cart at a amusement park a few
>years ago. My feet were a little too big to untangle from the pedals, so I
>just floored the cart, and operated the brake.  I had great runs, but I am
>sure it was hard on the brakes. If you caught up to the person in front of
>you, you got a free lap. I got about 15 free laps before the folks running
>the track got wise.
>At 08:08 AM 12/30/99 -0500, Allan Jones wrote:
>>>After all left foot braking was first applied in a group B audi.
>>>Was it Sting Blomckvist who did it?
>>>More input please?
>>I'll take a stab and bring up my favorite video of all-time - "The Secrets
>>of Speed, Audi's Unfair Advantage" and guess it was Hans Schtuck(sp?).  He
>>probably wasn't the first but I *LOVE* his quote: "The key is the
>>braking...keep your revs up...and when you take your foot off the
>brake, you
>>move forward like a rocket! ...And that's what it's all about!!"
>Best line