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Re: Rock: 1, Euro-light: 0

Sorry Mark, lost the original post

I have found the non-water based tent sealer can be used to "patch" small
holes. Clean well, dribble in hole, let cure. Stays clear, almost
invisible (in fact, you still see the hole), so looks alot better than
silicone. Used on my GTi's H4 and my (yuck!) 200's DOT. 

Larry - '89 2CTQ, '85 GTi (Solo2)

On Thu, 30 Dec 1999 01:45:39 EST RndLiteBMW@aol.com writes:
>Here's a GRRRRR on your behalf...  I don't know about just replacing 
>glass, but when you do you might look into those "cut to fit" adhesive 
>plastic stone guards. I think Blau has them.
>                                                Tucker
>                                                '83 UrQ