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Re: Auxiliary lights

I just installed Hella 550s and put in PIAA 85W bulbs that are supposed to
perform like 135W. I tested them on a drive from LA to TX and back over the
holiday. They were great in the middle of nowhere, very, very bright. But I
can't imagine putting in any bulbs more powerful than those I installed.
you'll make everyone nuts on the road and be brighted by oncoming traffic no
matter how carefully you aim them. They are great, let me know what you do.
Temp wise, I had no problems but heard that 100s or higher could pose some
problems regarding the housing, but I've no firsthand experience with that.

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Subject: Auxiliary lights

> Hi Y'all,
> I'm looking at some Hella 550 (rectangular) fog and driving lights.  The
> stock bulbs are 55 watt H3's.
> Are there any BTDT's WRT using higher wattage bulbs in the lights, say 100
> or even 130 watt bulbs?  Will the lights stand up to the extra heat from
> the higher power bulbs?
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>    Bob
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