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A4/6/8 recalls

Here is the real scoop,

There are as you know 2 recalls on A4/6/8s.

KW recall.     Replace tie rods ends and align.  The boots may fail early
and the grease leaks out.  But so far besides the recalls we very very
rarley replace a leaking or loose rod end.  So this is something that will
prevent a problem way after the warranty runs out as I see it.
We've been doing 5-8 of these a day for 8 weeks or so!

KU recall.  A mod to the hoses to the brake booster to add a 3rd vacuum
source.   If and I mean if you could drive at high speed of a long time
with the temps below -4F you might possibly have a harder than normal brake
pedal.   I think this whole condition is very unlikely.  But Audi is
playing it safe.

So far we have only done the KU on 1.8ts with auto trans.  Parts for all 5
speeds and all the 2.8s 30vs are BO'd.  We have no idea when they will show
despite several promises. 

VW Passats (B5) also get the above recalls.

Man if I had a dollar for every phone call I've taken about when and if the
parts are going to arrive I'd be driving a new S4.

I'm not looking forward to the TT recalls.  But will we have the parts when
the letters arrive to the owners?   Ha! I doubt it.

Neil, sick of recalls and phone calls, Swanson