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Re: G60 brakes on an 85 4000q [was: 88 90q]

AFAIK, only the later model 80's have the two piece strut housings. 
 The early ones, like 88, apparently had one piece ones.


JShadzi@aol.com wrote:
>      I am familiar with Ben Howell's post too, and have serious
> doubts about its feasibility, or even if he ever really tried it. 
> Firts of all, the 80 has two piece strut housings and different
> front bearings and CV joints, so you would need the axles too if
> you were going to do it (which is not mentioned in Ben's post).  I
> am not even sure if the 80/90 CV will go into the 4kq tranny since
> they are totally different.  I think the best and easiest way to
> do g60's on a 4kq is to cut off the stock caliper mounting bracket
> and weld in a custom, relocated bracket for the g60... Happy New
> Years everybody! Javad